The Benefits Of Crowns And Bridges
By Cynthia A. Bolton, DDS
August 10, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Crowns and BridgesThe Benefits Of Crowns And Bridges

Many people are discovering the benefits of crowns and bridges. With crowns and bridges, your dentist can take your smile from being so-so to beautiful. Dr. Cynthia Bolton is one of the finest dentists in Reidsville, NC. She offers high-quality dental crowns and bridges to her patients. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of dental crowns and bridges.


Benefits of Crowns


Cosmetic– Crowns, which can be made from porcelain-fused-to-metal, all metal, stainless steel, or all ceramic can improve the look of chipped, cracked, discolored, or misshapen teeth. Crowns strengthen teeth that are damaged or weakened and can be used to improve their appearance, shape, or alignment.


Protect Teeth– Dental crowns are as tough as natural teeth. Weakened teeth can be saved by covering them with crowns. When teeth are severely damaged by an infection, decay, or trauma, the teeth become weaker. This leaves them prone to damage unless your dentist does something to preserve them.


A Natural Look- Your dentist in Reidsville, NC, offers natural-looking crowns. Porcelain crowns resemble the look of your original teeth because they mimic the translucency and luster of natural teeth. Your dentist can choose from over a dozen shades and give you a crown that is better matches to the color of your existing teeth.


Benefits of Bridges


Replace Teeth- If you have one or more missing teeth, your dentist can restore your smile with a bridge. A fixed bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on the sides of the gap and one or more artificial teeth in between. Fixed dental bridges can be supported by your existing teeth, dental implants, or a combination of teeth and implants.


Prevent Shifting- Once a tooth is lost, the neighboring teeth begin to shift at an accelerated rate. A fixed dental bridge can help prevent your existing teeth from moving out of place. When a bridge fills in the gap in your smile, teeth are supported on all sides and have no place to shift.


Great looks- With a dental bridge, not only will you close the gaps in your smile, you will also improve the shade and shape of the teeth that you're crowning. Porcelain bridges look great and match natural teeth well. With a bridge, you will enjoy the confidence of having an attractive smile. 

If you've ever wanted a healthy, beautiful smile, this is your chance! Call our dental office at (336) 349-9248 today to schedule a dental appointment in Reidsville, NC. With crowns and bridges, you can have a smile that's both strong and beautiful.